Justin western wallets – Large ballet wallet – Black womens wallet.

Justin Western Wallets

Justin western wallets – Large ballet wallet – Black womens wallet.

Justin Western Wallets

justin western wallets


  • (of a wind) Blowing from the west
  • a film about life in the western United States during the period of exploration and development
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  • The Wallets were a band from the Twin Cities, who recorded on the local Twin/Tone Records label in the 1980s.
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  • Justin Walker is a fictional character on the American primetime drama series Brothers & Sisters. He is played by actor Dave Annable. In a 2010 episode, actor Dylan Larsen portrayed Justin as a young child in flashback sequences set in 1986.
  • Justin is the debut album of Justin Lo, released on November 29, 2005.
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justin western wallets – Justin Mossy

Justin Mossy Oak Breakup Slim Bi-fold Wallet
Justin Mossy Oak Breakup Slim Bi-fold Wallet
Justin Mossy Oak Breakup Slim Bi-fold Wallet This bi-fold wallet is a Mossy Oak® camouflage print with a corner overlay. The corner overlay has the Justin brand logo. The genuine top grain leather interior of this wallet has eight credit card slots, two full length slots for your bills, and a removable photo insert. Top grain leather Bi-fold with Mossy Oak® design Justin metallic logo on corner overlay 8 credit card slots Full length bill compartment Extra bill compartment Removable photo insert Style # 1738522

300k route

300k route
Here’s some notes, for whenever I’m able to write something more prosey (ha!)

5:00am – got up, got ready. Did not have a good night sleep.

5:40am – road out the door. On the map, I’m starting right where the, "N" in Denver is – right in the middle. I’m riding counter-clockwise. There’s a plan to this –

I left before the sun rose, and started on a bikepath. I have little weeny lights, but they’re fine for a bikepath.

At around an hour or so, I got to see the sun rise from the East. Pretty incredible. I’m still going North East, but have transitioned to Riverdale road. Once the sun was up, I turned in Brighton onto 160th – the sun being on my bike.

160th is a pretty boring, flat road and I hadn’t ridden on it before. The shoulder on most of the road is quite enormous – good biking road. Highlight was when I got to Lafayette – there were hot air balloons! They passed right above me! Yeah!

I noticed there was something else in the air – it looked like a plastic bag or something, but just really BIG and really HIGH-

I realized what it was – parachutist! Someone had jumped out of one of the hot air balloons! Then I noticed 2 or 3 others! Wild! This is in the middle of a town, mind. I guess you can get away with all sorts of crazy shit at 8:00am if you have a hot air balloon 🙂

9:45-ish – in Boulder at Baseline and 30th, right where I used to live. Called the ladyfriend, whom lives near that address currently to see if she was home. No answer (sad face). I took a hearty piss on her apartment building though – hard to do! There’s so many windows!

Road up to NCAR and had my first big break and eat some. NCAR Is basically the North West corner of the path. Good view. Good hill, too.

Next was to go back east on South Boulder road to McCasslin, McCasslin South until it turns into Indiana and continue to take Indiana until Coal Creek Canyon Road. I took that West till I reached Highway 93, which at that point, has a good shoulder to it and I took that road South to Golden, and then to Red Rocks where I climbed that hill for another break.

Funny to see all these other cyclists up there, huffing and puffing, talking shit. It was still pretty early in the day for me. I finally had a chance to take off most of my long underwear and stuff them in my handelbar bag. The handlebar bag kept getting heavier and heavier as the day progessed. I basically had an entire alternative wardrobe in there, as well as all my food, my camera, my phone, my wallet, extra batteries, alt. pair of gloves, etc. My bike was weighing over 30lbs – not the most nimblest thing in the world.

After going down Red Rocks, I got onto E-470 to what I thought was Wadsworth, but I made a miscalculation and ended up on Kipling. I saw another cyclist turn West onto a road I’ve never been on, but I thought, what they hey, you know?

That road turned out to be Deer Creek Canyon road, which was quite picturesque. The speed limit was only 25mph and there were many cyclist on the road (swarms!), so I thought this to be a safe bet to ride. I had a conversation with someone:

Me: "Hey! Where does this go?"

Them: "All the way!"

Me: "All the way where!?"

Them: "To the top!"

Me: "How far is that?!"

Them: "About 8 – 10 miles"


One of the longest climbs I can think of ever doing, and already after doing 100+k of riding. But, I switched to a low gear and just grinded up the damn thing. No view, but hell of a ride back down.

On the top, everyone was changing into warmer gear, and I followed suite. I guess that’s a good way to illustrate how long and fast the decent down was. The top of the hill is basically the South Western point of the path on the map.

Took that road basically back East and finally got on to Wadsworth. Took that South to the start of Douglas county and then back up to Chatfield Reservoir and then back on the E-470 trail East.

By this time (haha! Smart Justin!) the sun’s to the west and I’m traveling East. It was nice never to have the sun right in my eyes, basically.

E-470 is a boring path (after Deek Creek Road, everything is, really) through suburbia, but it’s a good ride after the hill sections that started all the way in Boulder – the worst of that is quite behind me.

Around this time, I ran completely out of energy. I had been eating quite regularly. I had gone through 10+ energy bars – Clif Bars, Lara Bars (local!) and actually, 2 Metrix Meal Replacement (lotsa protein) bars – I wasn’t sure about those, but they were a good call. I also had two waterbottles filled with Gatorade. But still, I felt, very very weak.

Made a deal with myself.

When I found a decent place to stop, I’ll get dinner. Kind of a risk. I thought, if I stop now, I may cramp up and be stuck in Suburbia. Or, it may energize me enough to be OK.

Found a Claim Jumper.

Thought that was sort of a smallish chain. No dice. It’s a huge cheesy-theme restaurant.

I went in anyways, all dir

August 18th, 2008 Desk Rearrangement

August 18th, 2008 Desk Rearrangement
This is how my desk looks as of the wee hours this morning. With the Mac Pro behind the monitor, instead of on the floor, I was able to excise:

One power adaptor (powersquid)
One USB2 hub (some pleasant Belkin thing)
One Gig-E switch (some SMC thing that gets rather too warm)

This leaves me with far more space for the graphics tablet, soldering equipment (when I ever get around to getting one of those ColdHeat things, anyway), graph paper (whitelines!), etc. Colour me happy!

I’m kind of disappointed with the amount of noise the PowerShot A720 is putting in. I shall have to mess with the settings somewhat.

justin western wallets

justin western wallets

Justin Bay Apache Distressed Tri-fold Wallet
Justin Bay Apache Distressed Tri-fold Wallet This top grain tri-fold leather wallet by Nocona is a slim fit design and has a metallic Justin logo on the the front panel. The genuine top grain leather interior of the this wallet has a visual window for your driver’s license, six credit card slots, a removable photo insert, and a full length bill compartment. Top grain leather Tri-fold Justin metallic logo on front panel 6 credit card slots Photo ID holder Full length bill compartment Removable photo insert Style # 1730444